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Combat loneliness with Cooking + Cardio

Combat loneliness with Cooking + Cardio
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I find it very hard to admit that I feel lonely at times. You feel ashamed or embarrassed. However, it's so common. With all the self-isolation happening right now, it's even easier to feel alone.
Loneliness creates feelings of loss of self worth, loss of purpose and stress.
Right now we are constantly surrounded by news stories of Covid-19, social media, etc.
The constant consumption of these things makes us somewhat crazy.
Dr. Vivek Murthy the former Surgeon General has spoken a lot on this topic. He spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival as well as written a new book about this subject coming out in a week. Covid-19 has thrust the subject of loneliness into the forefront of my thoughts.
If you or a loved one are feeling lonely here are a few ways to fight it.
  • Reach out and call/video chat with your loved ones. Make it quality multitasking.
  • Give back to others. This helps you to feel needed and loved by others. Sew some masks, walk your neighbor's dog, etc..
  • Stay present. I try not to think about the past or the future. I am the happiest right here and now.
Men are the most vulnerable to loneliness. They think strength = no emotion. This isn't true. Reach out to your hunny and give him a hug.❤️
Lead with Love
"The good news is that social connection is innate and a cure for loneliness"...Vivek Murthy 
This book will be available on April 7th! I have already pre-ordered it.
Let's connect.
Being present in your food choices is key. Eating things that are good for you helps to keep you upbeat mentally. Staying healthy is directly tied to mental wellness. This brings me to Spirulina.
. Benefits of Spirulina
  • stops viral and bacteria growth in liver
  • strengthens liver immune system
  • provides vitamins and minerals to liver storage
  • Your liver is your best friend! It is your protector...take care of it!
3 frozen bananas
2 cups frozen mango
1.5 teaspoon of spirulina
2 cups coconut milk or water
blend then add chia pudding
chia pudding:
2 cups coconut milk
6 teaspoons chia seed
mix and put in fridge for 30min
Nothing ever stays the same. This self-isolation will pass. We must stay present and learn from this time. I have a few new pieces that I am working on. I will post all new pieces here first. xoxo
Nature has been proven to decrease stress levels! Stick with the social distancing but get out there.
Hope this newsletter brings a smile to your face.
Reach out to a loved one today.

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