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The Shell Trend

Roxy surfer Bruna Schmitz wearing Fiji Choke
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Shells, shells and more shells. It seems as though Summer is around the corner and the shell craze is whipping up into a frenzy. At this moment in time, the most popular shell is the Cowrie shell. It is amazing to see all the creative things designers are doing with shells. They are no longer tacky, super cheap items you find in those beach markets. I love the creative dresses and bags designers have constructed with the shells. I have included a picture of a dress that I must have.

The Cowrie shell happens to be my favorite. There is much history associated with this tiny shell. The cowrie shell is one of the single most recognizable symbols of African culture. The cowrie is a small marine snail that lives in tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Currently, in our culture cowrie shells have become social and fashion statements. People wear them to show a certain level of social and cultural consciousness and connection to nature. For me, wearing the Cowrie shell reminds me of Summer, Fiji, beaches, surfing and no shoes.

My new Fiji choker is a must have if you are looking for this beach vibe. It is a statement piece. I combined nature and fashion into this necklace, The rock and roll edginess mixed with the softness of the Cowrie shells makes it unique.


Roxy surfer Bruna Schmitz wearing Fiji Choker


Roxy surfer Bruna Schmitz wearing Fiji Choker by Pame



The Fiji choker - one of my new favorites



the layered look with my simple Cowrie on a chain



the shell dress-so cute!


the simple cowrie necklace... in my mind, a forever classic.





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