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Victoria Link Necklace

Victoria Link Necklace
Victoria Link Necklace

Rugged yet pretty.  Masculine yet still dainty.  Minimal yet very detailed.  The Victoria Link fits all of these things.  I wanted to create an everyday piece that felt timeless yet still modern.  The Victoria Link has been years in the making and it's finally here.  Each link is hand-hammered to create that Pame' look.  It has an organic vibe with still keeping to the minimal modern look I wanted.  This timeless piece will stay in style forever.

I created this hand-hammered link necklace throughout the last few years. I love the look of vintage chains. especially the FOB chains from the late 1770"s. Before World War 1 men were using these FOB chains to hold their watch pieces in their pockets.
Men usually carried their watch in a small pocket on the waistcoat, called a fob pocket. Around 1775, waistcoats had several pockets and the fobs hanging from each pocket became quite elaborate, and small personal seals were often attached to the free end
I hope you love my version of the FOB chain. It's available as a bracelet as well.

  • comes in all metals 14kt yellow, 14kt Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Brass
  • 16" long adjustable
  • one of a kind organic Pame clasp


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