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🧚‍♀️Fly Away Butterfly, Mud Water and The Wave🌵

🧚‍♀️Fly Away Butterfly, Mud Water and The Wave🌵
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What a RAD movie!

This movie is so beautiful. It gives you a big picture view of what is happening on our planet. It was eye-opening for me. David Attenborough goes on to trace his more than 60-year career as a naturalist, mapping how steeply the planet’s biodiversity has disappeared in his 60 years of making films. A few thoughts about this issue...

  • We can help the situation and bring change without it being too difficult
  • Grow your own garden..inside or outside. This is one of the greatest things you can do for your health and the health of the planet.
  • Never use any products with Glyphosate (RoundUp). 
  • Check out Dr. Zac Bush and donate to Farmer's Footprint

Take a moment to consider that 50% of Americans were farming in 1880. Now less than 2% of the nation is employed in agriculture. 

From another perspective, in 1945 Americans grew 45% of their food in their backyard gardens. Now we grow 0.1% of our food in our backyards. We created this era of chemical mega-farms that has led to the destruction of our soils, water systems, oceans, and human health. By the same reality, we can transform this planet into the most verdant and regenerative ecosystem that has been in many millennia.

By learning to work in a co-creative process with mother nature and her extraordinary variety of species, farmers and consumers will participate to witness richer soils and more abundance of life and health than has been seen in human history.

Let's rise together...a quote from Dr. Zac Bush. Click here to learn more and to make a change


the-wave- in- arizona

 “The Wave” is an absolutely incredible sandstone feature located in the Coyote Buttes North area on the border of Utah and Arizona. This is a must see and it is a drive away from anywhere in the USA. If you want to travel without doing anything risky, get in your car and hit the pedal. This is a very doable 6-mile hike. Mother Nature never stops inspiring me. The Wave has a permitting process that is done through both an online lottery system and an in-person walk-in application. Right now they are taking permits for June.

mud water

 Swap out your coffee for Mud Water and live longer. Don't take my word for it. All the research is out there. Mushrooms are the bomb. I drink this almost every day as my 3 pm pick me up. It tastes like Chai, drink this hot or cold. So yummmmmy.

  fly away butterfly

 I created this hand-hammered Butterfly because we are all Butterflies at some point in our life. This past Covid year has been trying for everyone. We have all transformed in our own way. The Butterfly symbolizes our transformation, endurance, change, hope, and life. Bring on the new growth and transformation that we are all experiencing. There have been tons of highs and lows this past year but that is life. Life is messy. The Fly Away Butterfly and the Flake are a cool combination. Very unexpected but it works. The Flake was made to bring some awareness to climate change. We will donate 30 percent of all sales of our flakes to Protect Our Winters(POW). Protect Our Winters (POW) works to help fight climate change. Here is a fun way to get involved...get the cute Fly Away Butterfly and the Flake today!

fly away butterfly

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