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Teff, Cobalt Blue Bottles & FOB inspired chains

Teff, Cobalt Blue Bottles & FOB inspired chains
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Everyone is concerned about protein in their diet. I am more concerned about FIBER. Here is a mighty grain but actually a seed that provides both. Teff is the smallest grain in the world and possibly the mightiest! Teff comes from Ethiopia and the stats are as follows: While Teff is a seed and not a grain at all, it can be used in many of the same ways. Also, it boasts a few nutritional advantages that aren’t found in a lot of other grains as well as some universal wholegrain benefits.



Teff’s mother country, Ethiopia, is famous for its long-distance runners. Some attribute the health of these runners to Teff. Ethiopians get about two-thirds of their protein from this tiny grain. In 150g serving of flour made from Teff, our bodies can access 25% of our daily value for protein. yeahhhhbaby!


Teff flour packs up to 12.2 grams of dietary fiber per 3.5 ounces (100 grams). In comparison, wheat and rice flour contain only 2.4 grams, while the same size serving of oat flour has 6.5 grams


Zinc is an ally to our immune systems and genetic code. It helps us fight off disease and builds proteins. A serving of Teff can provide 10% of our needed zinc.

There are more advantages to eating Teff...I am just highlighting my favorites.


AND IT IS GLUTEN FREE!                        click here for the Teff Recipe




You gotta love the fighting spirit of Erin Brockovich. She is bringing this subject to everyone's attention when health is everything right now. You might feel like in the middle of a pandemic, this might not be the time to question your water. You also might be shocked to see the number of chemicals in your tap water. We all just assume it's safe..... possibly not. The only way to know is to get the report of your tap water and READ it. We must continue to fight to keep chemicals out of groundwater.



I am obsessed with these bottles and I have bought them in all sizes and shapes.

Energize the frequency of your water with these beautiful Cobalt glass bottles made in Italy. I have 4 of these in all sizes. I fill them up and let the sun energize my water. I keep the top off for the first 12 hours to let all the Chlorine evaporate. We certainly don't need to be drinking any extra Chlorine!


Here are all the stats on these bottles from Blue Bottle Love:

"Blue Bottle Love is a true blue ally in helping to raise the collective consciousness towards the water and all of life. From the perspective of color therapy on humans, Blue decreases blood pressure and heart rate, dissolves nervousness and stress, and has a very calming effect on the entire organism. It is very effective at relieving headaches and sleep disorders. Blue color therapy has also been shown to aid in meditation, communication, spiritual growth and to promote a higher awareness and mental clarity.


Another amazing thing about the blue glass…it increases the oxygen frequency of the water, allowing the water to stay fresher and cleaner longer in the bottle. Glass is beautiful, natural, Endlessly Recyclable, and is one of few substances that carries a frequency in perfect harmonious resonance with that of Living Water."

Check out their website and see for yourself.


The Victoria Hand Hammered Link Bracelet.  My staple go to piece.

I created this hand-hammered link bracelet throughout the last few years. I love the look of vintage chains. especially the FOB chains from the late 1770"s. Before World War 1 men were using these FOB chains to hold their watch pieces in their pockets. 

Men usually carried their watch in a small pocket on the waistcoat, called a fob pocket. Around 1775, waistcoats had several pockets and the fobs hanging from each pocket became quite elaborate, and small personal seals were often attached to the free end

I hope you love my version of the FOB chain. It's available as a necklace as well.

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